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The type of geothermal that we apply in our facilities is the Low Enthalpy. It refers to the use of subsurface thermal store which extract heat during the winter and which yield the same during the summer.

Using a heat pump high efficiency, extract or dissipate the heat from geothermal probes, obtaining energy savings of up to 75% in the generation of heat or cold and hot water.

The advantages of this type of installation are as follows:
It is a renewable energy.
It is a source of enormous quantity available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Allows use of pump systems using high performance heat throughout the year.
It does not produce pollution.
It is not aggressive.


In this type of installations for the capture or heat dissipation, is performed in vertical drilling, in which are placed one geothermal probes, which circulate in closed circuit water to the manifold of the heat pump.

The type of terrain and available space will determine the depth, number and spacing between wells according to the required energy.

ADVANTAGES: Good specific yields, free from the influences dependent on weather conditions. Reduced plant surfaces.
DISADVANTAGES: high costs. Need for specific tools and skilled labor for installation.


In such installations uptake or heat dissipation surface is performed through a closed circuit PE tubes, which are normally placed in shallow trenches.

The length and spacing between trenches will be determined by the conditions of soil conductivity and heat is needed to capture or dissipate in the soil.

ADVANTAGES: simplicity and savings in installation.
DISADVANTAGES: need large areas for installation.


Aerothermal facilities are based on the intakes and energy dissipation through the air by an external drive.

Using heat pumps high efficiency, we can harness this energy for home heating in winter and hot water and cooling in summer housing that reversing the cycle of the machine.

ADVANTAGES: simplicity and savings in installation.
DISADVANTAGES: Performance below geothermal facilities with very cold temperature.


Energy scavengers are some of the most important geothermal facilities.

The importance of good design and installation of capture probes, is that correct sizing based on their subsequent performance will depend on the installation of geothermal energy. All the energy that we manage to capture the ground, so that free will thus have achieve Sustainable buildings and facilities from the energy point of view, provided that fulfill the above.

There are two main types: Sensors and Probes Vertical Surface.

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